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Discover Running Club

Discover Running Club

'Discover Running' Club is a club for Key Stage 2 children,  aimed at helping them to develop their running skills, to build up their stamina and to improve their own performance. The club is also a great opportunity for the children to work on their general fitness with their friends in a welcoming and fun atmosphere.


Each week the children take part in warm-up games, drills, running based games, 'The Lap Challenge' and then a cool-down activity. 'The Lap Challenge' allows the children to set their own goal and earn a token based on the number of laps they have completed. At the end of the term, 'Discover Running' Club will total up all of their laps, convert them to kilometres and figure out how far they have collectively travelled.

Autumn Term 2017

'Discover Running' Club's first team of year 4 - 6 runners took part in a cross country event at Kingshill in October, showing great determination and perseverance. They also demonstrated amazing team spirit, running alongside friends and cheering them on to motivate them!

Our First Cross Country Event

Our First Cross Country Event 1
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Stamina Building Through Games

Stamina Building Through Games 1
Stamina Building Through Games 2