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Year 2

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September 2018 - July 2019

Year 2 - Unicorns Class 2017-18


Welcome to the Unicorns' class page for this year!

Here you can find information about our class routines, as well as our creative curriculum themes.

Scroll down to see what we have been up to so far this year!


Homework and Reading

This year's routines for homework are as follows:



  - Set on Thursdays, due in the following Wednesday.


Reading books:

  - Changed on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Class Information: Spring Term 2018

Our new theme for the Spring term, Green Fingers, has a strong Science focus.  We will be answering two main questions over the course of the term- What do different plants need to grow healthily? and Where does our food come from?- and this will give us plenty of opportunities to get stuck in with some practical investigation.  As usual, you can find out more about the areas we will be covering on the curriculum grid below:




Class Information: Autumn Term 2017

Our class theme this term is 'Pole to Pole', which will see us learning about some of the most extreme places on Earth- the Polar regions.  We will be finding out about life at the Poles, as well as thinking about the famous (local) explorers who found out so much about these areas.  A little closer to home, we will also be looking at the weather, and how it changes with the seasons over the course of the year.


You can get more details about our theme by looking at the curriculum grid below:




Medieval WOW Day - 03.05.17

On Wednesday 3rd May the Unicorns went back in time for an activity-filled Medieval WOW Day.  Throughout the day we used our historical detective skills to investigate the Bayeux Tapestry, eventually finding out that it told the story of the Norman Conquest of Britain in 1066.  We acted out parts of the story, had a go at drawing the Tapestry's 'missing' final scene and even had time for a quick battle after lunch!  Have a look at some of the photos below to see what we got up to- including some super costumes!


Class Information: Summer Term 2017

Our final theme of the year is named Castles and Catapults and, as you might guess, it has a large history focus.  We will particularly be focusing on the Norman Conquest of Britain, using the Bayeux Tapestry as our starting point before exploring how and where castles were built.  Here we will make links to our science, geography and D&T learning, as we think about how castles were built, attacked and destroyed!


Wilson Museum Trip - 29.09.16

On Thursday 29th September we went on our first class trip of the year, to the Wilson Museum and Art Gallery in Cheltenham.  We learned all about Edward Adrian Wilson, a man from Cheltenham who became one of the first Britons to reach the South Pole, over 100 years ago!  As well as being an explorer, Wilson was also a keen artist, so we had a go at some of our own Antarctic-inspired watercolour paintings.  The rest of the day included a tour around the museum's Wilson exhibition, as well as the chance to examine (and try on!) some of the clothes and equipment used by explorers at that time.  

Please scroll through the photos below to get more of a feel for the day (and the fun we had!):