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- New Talk for Writing unit: Amazing Aliens

White Rose maths worksheets for 'Summer Term Week 6'

- A link to online science lessons

- Geography fieldwork information/tasks

- New spellings for this week

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Scroll down to find out information about 'home learning' for children in Year 4.



Below is a link to an online coding course, where you can learn to create your own computer programs.  It is broken down into really simple steps using fun challenges and games!

If you enjoy completing the coding course and would like to have a go at creating your own story, game or animation then check out 'Scratch'.  We will be using Scratch in class during Technology Week, but you can use it at home too.


Geography- Rivers fieldwork

Fieldwork is how geographers, scientists and other people gather information in a real-life environment.  This could be done in lots of different ways (for example, by drawing/photographing a location or taking measurements), it depends on what the aim of the investigation is.  We will be answering the the following question, using the tasks below.


Key QuestionWhat human and physical features can we find around rivers in Cirencester?


Fieldwork Tasks:

- Visit a local river

- Sketch a section of the river, including any nearby plants, buildings etc

- Label the physical features on your sketch, using the vocabulary on the knowledge organiser below.  You can also label any human features , such as bridges, walls, buildings etc

- Use a map (online, or a paper copy) to locate your section of river.  What is the name of the river?  Are the features you labelled on the map?  How far can you follow the river up/downstream on the map?

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Below is link to the White Rose 'Home Learning' lessons for Year 4.  Each lesson contains a short video, as well as an activity sheet (with answers!)- this can be printed off or completed separately.  Please start with the 'Week 1' tab (Lesson 1: Recognising Tenths and Hundredths) as this is where we left off in class- one lesson a day will most likely be more than enough!

Once you have worked your way up to 'Summer Term - Week 4' you will need to find the relevant worksheets (and answers if needed) from the links below.  The teaching videos can still be found on the usual White Rose site.


I will also continue to set tasks on Mathletics and Times Tables Rockstars, linked to the above White Rose lessons wherever possible.


Science- Online Lessons

Below is a link to a series of online science lessons, complete with a video and worksheet. 

The lessons linked to your Y4 science are:

- Electricity: Conductors and Insulators

- Electricity: Sources of Electricity

- Exploring Soils

- Rocks and Soils


If you work your way through all of these then you might like to have a go at some of the topics you learned about in Y3, such as Digestion, Food Groups and Teeth.


Science- Properties of Materials

Once we have finished our work on Electricity, our summer term science topic will be Materials.  This topic brings together lots of different science learning and vocabulary from KS1 & KS2 so far, so practising it at home will be very helpful for when you come back to school!  Below are some example tasks that you should be able to complete at home- feel free to present your work however you like!


Task 1: Find different objects from around your home and identify the material(s) they are made from.  Try and be as precise as you can (eg steel rather than metal)- if you need to do some research to name a specific material that's great!


Task 2: Using the vocabulary below, place these objects into groups based on their properties (physically or by writing them down). 

Can you find any examples of objects made from the same material, but with different properties (eg a hard plastic and a soft plastic)?


- hardcan't be easily scratched or dented.

- softcan be scratched or dented.


- transparent: allows light to pass through.

- translucent: allows some light to pass through.

- opaqueallows no light to pass through.


- magneticattracted to a magnet.

- non-magneticnot attracted to a magnet.


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG)

Below are links to BBC Bitesize games and activities, designed to help you practise your SPaG skills:


Here are the spelling rules/word lists for this week.  Please make sure you choose the document for the correct group:


Talk for Writing

Linked below is a new Talk for Writing booklet- Amazing Aliens.  Just like the previous booklet (which can still be found below), it contains different literacy tasks linked to reading, SPaG and writing for you to work your way through over the next few weeks.


Half Term Activity Ideas

As you have all been working so hard on home learning over the last few weeks and months, it is important that you give yourself a mental break.  This week would have been the May half term holiday, so there will be no new home learning tasks (spellings, maths etc) on the page.  Instead, I have created an 'bingo' sheet with some ideas for activities you could do at home this week:

Picture 1




Class Routines

- Mr Stone will be teaching for the majority of the week.

- Miss Potter and Mrs Laycock will be supporting as the class teaching assisstants.

- Mrs Montgomery will be teaching R.E. and P.S.H.C.E. on a Thursday afternoon.

- Our P.E. sessions will take place on a Wednesday this year, but please make sure you have your kit in school every day, just in case!



Reading - As you know, reading is very important so you should read as much as possible when you are at home.  Remember, three signatures = a reading sticker towards a certificate, so make sure to get your homework planner signed!

 - If you want to complete an Accelerated Reader quiz at home, then make sure you follow the link below.

Spellings - Spelling tests will take place on Monday mornings, before you are given your new spellings to learn.


Maths Homework - Maths homework tasks will also be set on a Monday and will likely be either Mathletics or Times Tables Rockstars.  Use the following links to access both websites:

Class Curriculum- Spring Term 2020
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Class Curriculum- Autumn Term 2019

The Earth and Beyond

The Earth and Beyond 1

Knowledge Organisers