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Financial Information

Covid Catch Up Premium


To date, the school has received £7275.00 in Covid catch up premium.


This has primarily been spent on Teaching Assistant wages, to run intervention groups for pupils who have required help to catch up with their learning. Initiatives used have included :


  • Phonics/ reading: Toe by Toe/ Targeted Sounds~Write small group sessions/ 1:1 reading focus
  • Spelling: Precision Monitoring/ sensory spelling targeted sessions
  • Maths: Y1 focus group/ Targeted Breaking Barriers Numicon Intervention Y1-Y5/ Maths Pre-Teach groups
  • Nurture: individualised support throughout the school, including mentoring and 1:1 nurture
  • Speaking and Listening: Communication Cookbook/ individual speech work


The option of one to one tutoring was considered and is being implemented for two pupils. To run a tutoring program for all pupils was not considered to be cost effective in a school of our size.