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Fireflies 2016/17

Welcome to the Fireflies Class 


To find out what our new text was going to be, the Fireflies had to solve a series of clues that they found scattered around the outside classroom!

The Fireflies enjoyed their first 'Under The Sea' WOW day! We all came dressed as something you would find under the sea, tasted seaweed and made yummy sea biscuits! We learned all about the habitats of different sea creatures and even watched a bit of Finding Dory!

We welcome back the Fireflies to our Summer Term! This term's theme is 'Under The Sea'. We have started learning our new text, a non-fiction report all about 'The Octopus'. We had to solve the clues hidden around the outside area to find out what animal our new text was about. The children were super detectives!

Welly Walk - The Pond

Our Very Hungry Caterpillar Story Map

Our Very Hungry Caterpillar Story Map 1
Our Very Hungry Caterpillar Story Map 2

Funny faces for Red Nose Day!

Funny faces for Red Nose Day! 1
For Science Week, the Fireflies did some predicting as to which objects around the classroom would float or sink in the Fireflies Pond! We developed our scientific language and then carried out the experiment. We found that the metal spoon and frog sank to the bottom because they were heavier, while the duplo and sticklebrick floated on the top!

Our first Storytelling Assembly - Rosie's Walk

Our first Storytelling Assembly - Rosie's Walk 1
Our first Storytelling Assembly - Rosie's Walk 2
Our first Storytelling Assembly - Rosie's Walk 3

Our lovely 'World Book Day' characters and activities

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
To conclude our wonderful learning of the farm we went to visit Adam Henson's Cotswold Farm Park. We saw baby lambs, cows and ducks as well as going on a tractor ride around the farm! We all had a fantastic day. 
The Fireflies celebrated Pancake Day by making pancakes! We had a go at shaking the mixture and then watched Mrs Keates in the kitchen with the frying pan. We added our own toppings and ate them for snack!
We are enjoying learning about different animals and food that we would find on the Farm! We have been doing lots of exciting things from guessing different farm animal noises, making sheep, collecting eggs, role playing in our Fireflies Farm and painting with carrots! Farm-tastic!
The Fireflies have worked hard learning our story of The Gingerbread Man. We have learnt to retell it and even had a go at innovating the story by changing The Gingerbread Man into The Chocolate Man! The Chocolate Man met some interesting characters along the way and ended up getting eaten by a naughty octopus! Here are some photos showing our super story telling.

The Gingerbread Man Story Map

The Gingerbread Man Story Map 1
The Gingerbread Man Story Map 2
After a very hard working term, the Fireflies were very excited when the day arrived for our Christmas Party! We all shared some party food, wore our best party clothes and had fun playing some party games; including Pass the Parcel and Musical Statues. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Fireflies Class!
The Fireflies were very excited when we boarded the coach on our very first trip of the year to Dobbies Garden Center where we had a delicious cooked breakfast and met Santa! The Fireflies were all very well behaved and even got a special present from Santa himself! Ho Ho Ho!
Its Christmas Week here at Watermoor and the Fireflies have had a super time celebrating! We posted our Christmas Cards in the special post box, wore our Christmas jumpers and had our yummy Christmas Lunch!
As the Fireflies are super story tellers, we had a go at innovating our story of The Three Little Pigs! We decided that our new story would be called 'The Three Little Donkeys' and instead of the big, bad wolf we had a very naughty giraffe! Our donkey's built very exciting houses made of gingerbread, chocolate and jelly! Here are some pictures of us retelling our own story!
This week we had our first Stay and Play of the year! We all had a lovely morning doing lots of exciting craft activities with our grown ups. A big thank you to all the parents/grandparents for joining us on this wonderful morning! We hope you enjoyed sharing this special time with your child. 

Our Three Little Pigs story telling:

The Fireflies had a super day celebrating Children in Need! We all looked wonderful in our spots and raised lots of money to help many other children. We decorated spotty biscuits and the Fireflies also went to their first assembly and made everybody very proud. Well done! 

Here is our Three Little Pigs story map!

Here is our Three Little Pigs story map! 1
Here is our Three Little Pigs story map! 2
The Fireflies were very excited when a strange basket appeared with some animal masks inside. One by one, we took them out and found 3 pigs and wolf! The children were very clever and soon realised our new story was the Three Little Pigs!
The Fireflies have been working hard in Music. We have been exploring different instruments by seeing if we can make loud and quiet sounds. The Fireflies were all super listeners when their friends were playing!
In Maths, the Fireflies have been working hard on their counting! We have been singing lots of counting songs and we are learning to show the different numbers on our fingers. We have also been learning about sorting objects into different piles and have been using different games on the computer to help us!
To celebrate Bonfire Night, some of the Fireflies made beautiful Firework pictures! We talked about what sounds a firework makes and the different colours we can see.

Please find attached our Autumn 2 Context Grid: Through the Park

The Fireflies had a mysterious basket arrive in the classroom. When we looked inside, it was the Queen's washing basket! The children had an important job of sorting the Queen's washing and we used our skills to make different piles of clothes.

The Fireflies currently attending the morning session have the opportunity to have their lunch at school and stay for the whole day. Here are some pictures of us eating our packed lunches in the hall. All the teachers have said how wonderfully behaved the children are when they are having their lunch. Well done! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
We have started to learn our second Talk for Writing text, A Squash and a Squeeze. The Fireflies had to be detectives again to investigate what story we would be retelling. We enjoyed counting how many animals could fit inside the house!
The Fireflies have worked really hard learning the story of The Queen's Knickers. Here are some pictures of us retelling the story with the actions we created.
The Fireflies enjoyed celebrating Harvest. We shared out the tins of food that had been brought in from home and carried them carefully down to the hall. After that, we read a special story about sharing and the Fireflies were super listeners. In the afternoon, we did lots of exciting things with the Pixie Class. We planted cress seeds and made some bread! First we had to mix the ingredients together, then we kneaded the dough and finally baked it in the oven! It was delicious!
The Fireflies went on their first Welly Walk! We were looking for signs of Autumn. We found lots of things, including pine cones, sticks and even a tiny apple!
We have started to learn our first Talk for Writing text, The Queen's Knickers! But first of all, the Fireflies had to hunt around our outdoor classroom to find clues as to what story we would be learning. They were super detectives!

Please have a look at our Context Grid for Autumn Term 1. Our theme for this half term is 'At Home'.

Please have a look at our Context Grid for Autumn Term 1. Our theme for this half term is 'At Home'. 1

The Fireflies have all settled really well into their new learning environment and have had lots of fun exploring and making new friends! We look forward to an exciting year ahead!


Miss Griffiths, Mrs Roberts & Mrs Keates