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Welcome to Giants! 

Home Learning Information:

Miss Freeman has set you lots of different tasks to do at home, linked to the learning that you have done in class or based around the learning that you would be doing if you were at school now. Work through the different subjects and try and complete a few tasks each day. 


Miss Freeman will be updating your tasks regularly and will list here what has changed:

- week 7 maths based around decimals

- additional maths based around the 4 operations and using inverse operations

- French activities

- new Talk for Writing booklet called 'One Chance'

- SPaG activities about word classes from BBC Bitesize

- theme lesson from BBC Bitesize, combining literacy and Ancient Greece


You have a few options for literacy over the next few weeks. It's up to you where you start, but it would be good if you could work through a range of them before we go back to school. 


1. The Game: A Talk for Writing booklet containing a range of literacy, SPaG and reading tasks. 


2. One Chance: A *new* Talk for Writing booklet containing a range of literacy, SPaG and reading tasks. 


3. Additional Activities: There's a link to an education radio where experts such as Pie Corbett have daily, interactive shows based around literacy, or you could follow the link to a poetry competition where you watch a workshop with a poet and then write your own poem!

The Game - Talk for Writing Booklet

One Chance - Talk for Writing Booklet


Practise your spelling, punctuation and grammar skills using the tasks listed below. 

Practise your Year 5 and 6 spelling words using either the ideas on our Spelling Menu or your own techniques. You could even ask your grown-ups to give you a spelling test! 
Picture 1


Carry on reading at least 3 times a week at home. Your homework diaries have finished, but you can collect your signatures and comments in the back or on separate pieces of paper. When you have finished a book make sure you complete an AR quiz. 

If you would like to submit a book recommendation to Pages of Page Turners then there is a link below for you to follow. 


Each week there will be a set of lessons from White Rose Maths for you to work through. There are video tutorials which teach you how to do the maths, worksheets (and answers) for you to practise on, and additional videos to support you with your learning. If you can't print the worksheets, don't worry - for a lot of them you can look at the worksheet on the screen and then do you maths on blank paper! When you have finished your maths lesson for the day you can continue practising by finding similar activities on Mathletics.

If you have finished your maths lessons or you fancy something different, follow the link below to find the latest Family Maths Challenge from Premier League Primary Stars. 


If we were in school now we would be learning all about forces. Visit the websites and links below to do your own research and learn all about:

- gravity: What is it? Who realised it was there? What does it do? Is there gravity everywhere?

- air resistance, water resistance and friction: What are they? When do they happen? Can you experiment with them? 

- levers, pulleys and gears: What do they look like? Where are they used? What do they do? When were they invented? Can you make a mechanism that uses them?

If you would like a break from learning about forces or you would like to have a go at some science enquiries, follow the link below to our Science Home Learning page where you will find a range of activities that you could do. 


If we were in school right now, we would be starting our new theme: 'Trapped'. It's all about Ancient Greece - a study of their lives, achievements and impact on the Western World (where we live now!). Your theme task is to carry out your own research into the Ancient Greeks using the websites below and then create a way of presenting the information you have found out. Like with many of our creative tasks, it's entirely up to you how you do this - you might want to make a PowerPoint, write an information booklet, make a video, create a piece of art of even build something. You just need to make sure that the option you choose allows you to share lots of your knowledge! 


To help you to continue with the French learning that we started before lockdown, Mrs Wood has given us a booklet to work through. You could print it off and fill it in, or look at it on the screen and write on your own paper. 

Mrs Wood has also suggested using a website/app called DuoLingo where you can work through levels of learning different words and phrases. Ask your grown-ups to look at this with you and decide if this is something that is suitable for you to use at home. 
Extra Websites for Learning at Home:


Our Class Routine:

  • Miss Freeman is the class teacher;

  • Mrs. Montgomery teaches on a Tuesday afternoon;

  • PE takes place on a Monday afternoon but full PE kits needed everyday just in case.



Your child has been given a Homework Planner to enable them to become more independent with personal organisation. This planner should be brought to school every day, along with their AR reading book.

  • Spellings are given on a Monday and tested the following Monday morning. They need to be practised regularly at home.

  • Giants should be reading at home at least 3 x a week and receiving 3 adult signatures. 

  • Mathletics tasks are often set by Miss Freeman to practise maths concepts taught in class. The children should be aiming to achieve a certificate each week (1000 points).

  • Times Tables Rock Stars is a website that your child should use to practise their times tables.