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Governing Body Committee Structure & Attendance

The full governing body meet at the start of the academic year to discuss the strategic direction for that year, through the school development plan, and to appoint the chair and vice chair for the year. There are three subsequent full governing body meetings in the academic year. However, where necessary, an Extraordinary meeting can be called if there is an important item for discussion.


There are also committees that meet every 'large'term. They are :


Learning, Teaching & Standards - responsible for holding the school to account for educational performance. 

         Chair : Nick Mitchell

          Committee Members: Sarah Fox, Rebecca Nobbs, Emma Palmer-Davies,

                                             Jo Wood, Maddy Sears, Ally Castle                                                                                                       



Finance, Premises & Staffing - responsible for overseeing the financial performance of the school, financial probity and agreeing the budget. 

            Chair : Axelle Volgo

            Committee Members : Sarah Fox, Alison Pine, Rebecca Nobbs, Mike Biddle



Ethos - responsible for supporting, advising and challenging the Headteacher and FGB on matters relating to the distinctiveness and effectiveness of Watermoor  as a Church of England Primary School.

            Chair : Jo Wood

            Committee Members :  Rachel Montgomery, Victoria David, Fiona Hawes, Rev Alison Love                                  



The governing body does not have a set grievance or exclusion committee, but will form a committee as required, from those who have no knowledge of the grievance / exclusion circumstances. This ensures a lack of 'contamination' and makes the process fairer.