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Health and Wellbeing

Our superhero Dr Heart

Our Superhero Dr Heart helps our children to stay healthy.

Go ask your mother - podcasts about family life answering questions about worries and concerns about being a parent in today's world.

Staying Safe

Teen mental health - a guide for parents


*Please see the link below for information and advice from the NSPCC about your child keeping safe when they are on their own.

Please use the link below for information and resources on Staying Safe Online when children are working from home:

Bug Busting


Headlice is a common problem in primary schools, and we'll never crack it completely, but we can reduce it.  


Click here for further guidance:


5 good reasons to support us and Bug Bust at home:


  • headlice can cause distracting itching 
  • headlice easily move between people through head-to-head contact, meaning they can be quite tricky to eradicate
  • children can feel uncomfortable at school when they have headlice
  • no medicated shampoos are 100% effective but regular bug busting has proven to be 4x better
  • some people only have 1 or 2 lice and no itching - bug busting means they will be found and busted!


For more information, please read our school policy below.


~We recommend that pupils with long hair tie their hair back~