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Anti Bullying Week 2013

This week is Anti Bullying Week across the country and at Watermoor C of E Primary School.  We work throughout the year to ensure that our pupils learn how to be kind to each other and understand other people's feelings.  We also make sure they know what to do and who to talk to if they ever feel unhappy or unsafe.


This year, the theme is 'The future is ours - safe, fun and connected' and has an emphasis on cyber bullying.  Parents tell me this is something they worry about, so I have attached a parent and carer's guide for your information.  Please click on the 'resources' page in the PARENTS section of the website.


Although this theme is more relevant to older pupils, and those in secondary school, we feel it is important to raise awareness with all of our children that bullying can happen in different ways and at different times.


This week, we will also be launching our 'BIG' (Bullying Intervention Group) project.  We are going to work towards achieving a BIG award for excellence in challenging bullying.  We think we are well on the way to achieving this award and we will working with you and our pupils over the coming months to improve even further.


If you would like to explore this further, please click on this link:


More news to follow!