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Summer Term 2019:

Summer Term 2019: 1

Our Knowledge Organisers:

Our Knowledge Organisers: 1
Our Knowledge Organisers: 2

Our Class Routine:

  • Mrs. Stockwell will be teaching Monday to Thursday;

  • Mrs. Roberts will be teaching Science, RE and PINK (PSCHE) on Fridays;

  • Mr. Bedford will be teaching PE on Wednesday afternoons – full PE kits needed each week.

  • Our Class TA is Mrs. Curtis.



Your child has been given a Homework Planner to enable him/ her to become more independent with personal organisation. This planner should be brought to school every day, along with the AR reading book and word box.

  • Spellings are given on a Monday and tested the following Monday morning. Word boxes contain key vocabulary and should be revised regularly.

  • Mathletics tasks are often set by Mrs. Stockwell to practise Maths concepts taught in class. We aim to achieve a certificate each week (1000 points).

  • Phoenix children should be reading at home at least 3 x a week and receiving 3 adult signatures.

  • Personal organisation is the key to being prepared to move on to Secondary School. Let’s get into good habits now!


Our Phoenix Class Charter:

Please read our Welcome Letter for 2018 - 2019:

Autumn Term 2018:

Autumn Term 2018: 1

Our Knowledge Organiser for our Theme Week:

Our Knowledge Organiser for our Theme Week: 1

Our Knowledge Organiser for our 'People Place and Time week:

Our Knowledge Organiser for our 'People Place and Time week: 1

Maths SATS Revision:

Maths SATS Revision: 1
Maths SATS Revision: 2
Maths SATS Revision: 3
Maths SATS Revision: 4
Maths SATS Revision: 5
Maths SATS Revision: 6
Maths SATS Revision: 7
Maths SATS Revision: 8