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Hello Phoenix Class,


As we move into a new term, some of you will be attending school and some will continue to work from home. I will continue to update this page with activities and learning for you to complete, if you are not yet returning to school. I have been so impressed with the dedication and hard work that many of you have shown, sharing some of your fantastic work on our Class Padlet Page. Please continue to do this, as we will be looking at this regularly and will try and share some of the learning we are doing in school for you all to see.


If you have any questions, please contact me via the school admin email. I look forward to seeing all of your brilliant learning.

Miss Burgham :) 


This survey is for you to share your thoughts and feelings about moving on to secondary school.  All year 6 children in Gloucestershire have been invited to take part.  The survey is anonymous so please feel free to be honest about how you are feeling.  You will need to use the following user id: 3024 and password: 6?2rk32r8 to access the survey.  Thank you

Updates - WC 01.06.2020

- New Talk 4 Writing poetry unit added

- New spelling rule/words added with activity

-New session set of TTR.

- New challenges set on Mathletics (percentages focus).

- White Rose Lessons (week 6 - Fractions, Decimals and Percentages) are now attached in the 'Maths Home Learning section, including this weeks' videos in a document containing the links, alongside the worksheets and answers.

- Science unit updated. The new focus is 'Light'.





Talk 4 Writing Home Learning

Attached is a new booklet, 'The City of Silence', focusing on poetry and word classes. You can work through the ideas in this booklet (you don’t have to print this off if you don’t have access to a printer) one or two activities at a time. 


The previous booklet and transformation story unit is still available, if you have not yet finished these.

You could use our previous transformation story, 'The Great Kapok Tree', to write your own story. I have attached the toolkit, text map, model text and boxing up grid to help you. This could be in a different setting, with different characters, but they must have started an action or felt a certain way, before something convinced them to change their ways. 




Maths Home Learning


Below you can find documents to access the White Rose Scheme to follow at home.  Included is  a document with the video links for each lesson, which can be accessed by clicking directly on the link. The worksheets and answer are available below, and will be updated weekly.


If you have more time, you are welcome to go back to previous weeks to consolidate your learning using the White Rose website link. 


 Mathletics and TTR will continue to be updated alongside this.


Spelling and Grammar Home learning

Each week, a new spelling and/or Grammar rule will be added. You should aim to practise your spellings throughout the week, and ask an adult or sibling to test you at the end of the week.




Please continue to read at least three times per week and complete the quiz on Accelerated Reader. You may also complete a book review or advert for the book, to encourage others to read it.

If you would like to submit a book recommendation to Pages of Page Turners, then there is a link below for you to follow. 



Theme Home Learning


Our next theme is called ‘That’s Entertainment!’


 We will be learning all about different forms of entertainment, from theatre and film to music and art and how these have changed over time. I would like to you begin to research what entertainment was like in the Elizabethan era. You may do some background research to help you understand what general life was like at the time. You could consider the works of William Shakespeare, and research his background.


How you display your information is up to you. For example you could create a poster, an information leaflet, or an explanatory piece of writing with annotated pictures.


Creative Home Learning


Design a stage for a shadow puppet show. Draw this out first and annotate the diagram, explaining what you will make each section from and why. You can also comment on your colour and decoration choices.  


You can then create this stage! This could be made out of a shoe box or cardboard box, paper, material or anything you can find as a blank canvas. Decorate this around the outside, allowing enough room on the inside for a performance to take place! Once we come back to school, we can use these to conduct some of our science learning.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Science Home Learning


Following on from sound, we are now focusing on light. You may use the links below, alongside your own research to answer the questions. You can present this in any way you would like, for example as a PowerPoint, a poster, a leaflet, a booklet or even as a scientific presentation which you could record.


- What is light? (definition, sources of light).

- How does light travel? (from a source, to our eyes, speed)

- How do we see things? (light sources, the make up of our eye, how the information is interpreted by our brain)

- How do shadows form? (what shadows are, how they are formed, why they are that shape, how they may change throughout the day)



Previous sound resources and links

You can then visit some of the websites below to research the following:


- Sounds: How are they made? How are they detected? How does sound travel through the air?

- Pitch and Volume: What is pitch? What is volume? What do these ‘waves’ look like? What effects these? 

- The Ear: What are the different parts of the ear? How does the ear receive sound? How does the ear interpret sound?

If you would like a break from learning about sound or you would like to have a go at some science enquiries, follow the link below to our Science Home Learning page where you will find a range of activities that you could do.

This term we are learning about democracy and what it means.  Have a look at the PPT presentation and think about the points it raises.  You might want to discuss them with an adult or an older sibling.  You can use the word cards to practice how much you have learned.  You could print the page out and cut the cards up and play a matching game - finding the word and the correct definition.  

TASK: I would like you to  make a list of issues you think are important.  These could be school issues, local community issues or national/global issues.  Think about why this is important to you and what action could you take on it?  You can choose how you want to present this.  


You can also look up the Houses Of Parliament and go on an interactive 360* tour.  


You could also find out about your local MP.  

Card sorting activity

Additional Websites for Home Learning

Creative and fun challenges

Creative and fun challenges  1
Creative and fun challenges  2
Creative and fun challenges  3
Creative and fun challenges  4

Maths Toolkits to support Home Learning:

Maths Toolkits to support Home Learning: 1
Maths Toolkits to support Home Learning: 2
Maths Toolkits to support Home Learning: 3
Maths Toolkits to support Home Learning: 4
Maths Toolkits to support Home Learning: 5
Maths Toolkits to support Home Learning: 6
Maths Toolkits to support Home Learning: 7
Maths Toolkits to support Home Learning: 8

Previous Home Learning Tasks and Resources


Over the Easter Holidays, Miss Burgham would like you to enjoy time with your families and has given you a number of Easter related tasks for you to have a go at. Let Miss Burgham know how you have got on, using the link to Padlet below. She would love to see any recent learning or any activities you have completed! 


Spring Creative Curriculum

Spring Creative Curriculum 1

Welcome to Phoenix Class Page 2019 - 2020.


Our Class Routine


  • Miss Burgham will be teaching Monday to Friday; 

  • Mrs. Montgomery will be teaching RE and PINK (PSCHE) on Fridays afternoons; 

  • Our TA is Mrs. Ferrier;

  • PE takes place on a Wednesday afternoon but the children will require their PE kits daily in case this ever changes.




Your child has been given a Homework Planner to enable him/ her to become more independent with personal organisation. This planner should be brought to school every day, along with the AR reading book.

  • Spellings are given on a Monday and tested the following Monday morning. 

  • Mathletics tasks are often set to practise Maths concepts taught in class. We aim to achieve a certificate each week (1000 points).

  • Phoenix children should be reading at home at least 3 x a week and receiving 3 adult signatures.

  • Personal organisation is the key to being prepared to move on to Secondary School. Let’s get into good habits now!


Please read our Welcome Letter for 2019-2020.

Autumn Term 2019

Autumn Term 2019 1

Our Knowledge Organiser for our Theme Week:

Our Knowledge Organiser for our Theme Week: 1