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Phonics: Extended Code


Year 2 children will continue to develop their phonics knowledge and some children will need to recap some of the sounds already taught.


The below document shows the Phonic Sound units we have covered. Here you will find the different ways of writing the sounds. Can you think of and write other words which include the different spellings of these sounds. Can you make a list of these words?


Phonics Play

Below you will find the link to the Phonics Play website. The username for the website is: march20 and the password:  home. There is a range of games and activities that your child can access here. The children can practise reading real and 'fake' (nonsense / alien) words by playing 'Obb and Bob' and 'Buried Treasure.'


Please remember and encourage your child to say the sounds and read the word aloud each time. 

Spelling and Reading


Below you will find a list of the Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Words. Year 2 children are expected to be able read and write (spelling correctly) these words by the end of Year 2.


Your child could practise writing these words by writing a list, rainbow writing or putting each of these words into a sentence. This will ensure that the word is used in the correct context.