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Transition Back to School September 2020

Hello Pixies!


Welcome to Term 6! We are now starting our final school term of the year!


This week saw the return of some Pixies to school. I will be teaching some of the Pixies in our classroom, while other Pixies will be taught by Mr Rosser in his classroom. It has been lovely to see lots of Pixies return to school this week but, I am also missing the Pixies who are continuing their learning at home!


For those of you continuing your home learning, I will continue to update this page with activities and learning for you to complete. It has been a delight to see some of the fantastic activities that you have carried out at home. Please continue to share your fantastic learning on Tapestry, as I will continue to look at this regularly and see all of the wonderful learning you have been doing 


Miss Nobbs

                               Home Learning

Hello Pixies, 


I wanted to say hello and let you all know how lovely it is to read and hear about the lovely activities you have been doing at home!


I have updated the class webpage by adding in the different areas of home learning. Under each heading is information, activities and any links you may need. I would love to see all of your wonderful learning, so please continue to add to Tapestry so that I can continue to see and comment on all of the amazing things that you have been doing. 


If you are unable to access Tapestry please email and we will see if we can help in any way. 


You’re all making me proud to be your teacher and I can’t wait to see you again soon. Take care, stay safe and keep smiling.


Miss Nobbs


Home Learning Information


Whilst you are at home over the next few weeks, Miss Nobbs has set some activities for you to do in order to carry on your learning. Have a look at the letter below for more information. 

Phonics Home Learning


Please see our new sounds and words I would like to you practise building and writing this week at home. If you would like to build each of the words, remember to write each letter on a post it note or piece of paper and say the sounds as you build the word. 


Remember to put the sounds which are two letters one sound on one post it note or piece of paper for example ll, ss, zz, ay, ai, ea. a_e is a little trickier as we call this a split spelling. First put these two letters on a post it note and then ask your grown up for a pair of scissors as when you come to build the words which include a split spelling for example cake, you will need to cut the a_e in half and put the sounds in the correct order but remember that this is called a split spelling!


Remember to tell your grown up which Phonics group you are in and they can help you find the correct words you will need for this week. 


Once you have recorded your words or built your words and / or written this weeks sentences ask your grown up to take a picture and add your Phonics learning to Tapestry!


Miss Nobbs cannot wait to see all of the fantastic Phonics learning you are doing at home!



29th June 2020

15th June

1st June 2020

18th May 2020

4th May 2020

20th April 2020

Week Beginning 30th March

Reading Home Learning


Please continue to read at least 3 times each week whilst at home. Remember this can include reading comics, magazine, picture books, chapter books, instructions for building a model or playing a game. This can even be the back of your cereal box at breakfast time. 


Happy Reading!

Talk 4 Writing Home Learning


29th June 2020

Last week the children listened to the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' Can you have a go at drawing your own story map of Jack and the Beanstalk and retelling it in your own words. Can you follow your story map and then write your story in your  own words.  


Below is a template you can use to draw your very own story map.

At the beginning of next week we will be learning to retell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. This week I would like you to read or listen to the story of Jack and the Beanstalk at home. You may have a version of this at home. Below is a link to the story  'Jack and the Beanstalk.' Enjoy!

Mavis the Magical Cat

For your next activity linked to the story of Mavis the Magical Cat, can you take your favourite part of the story - this may be the opening, build up, problem, resolution or ending and draw a story map for this part. Remember just like your actions you do not need a picture for every single word however your pictures should enable you to retell your favourite part of the story!


Happy Drawing!


Miss Nobbs would like you to create some actions to match the story of 'Mavis the Magical Cat' 


Remember in class we don't need to think of an action for every word- as long as you have actions for the key words, you will be able to retell the story!

Attached below Is a booklet containing a number of different activities through the world of Mavis the Magical Cat. With your grown up look through the booklet and choose an activity to complete. Remember to post a picture of you completing the activity you have chosen on Tapestry. Hope you have lots of magical fun with Mavis!

Maths Home Learning 

29th June 2020

This week, incorporates the story of 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson and explores the mathematical concept of pattern. Can you see how many of the activities you can complete? Good Luck!

This week, incorporates the story of The Princess and the Wizard.' Can you see how many of the activities you can complete? Good Luck!

This week, incorporates the story of The Snail and the Whale.' Can you see how many of the activities you can complete? Good Luck!

This week, incorporates the story of 'Superworm.' Can you see how many of the activities you can complete? Good Luck!
This week, incorporates the story of 'The Very Busy Spider.' Can you see how many of the activities you can complete? Good Luck!
This week, incorporates the story of 'The Night Pirates' and 'The Troll ' Can you see how many of the activities you can complete. Good Luck!
Here you will find links to White Rose 'Home Learning' for Reception, this week Summer Term 1 - Week 1 incorporates the story of 'Supertato.' Can you see how many of the activities you can complete and help save the world from the 'evil pea.' Good Luck!
Reception Maths Knowledge Organiser

Learning across the Curriculum


If we were in school right now, we would be starting our new theme 'Land of the Giants.'


Can you guess what we would be learning about? - yes, we would be looking at and exploring a range of stories and texts all about Giants but we would also be going back many, many years ago and finding out all about DINOSAURS!


First, I would like you with your grown ups help to find and read any stories which include a giant. Can you ask your grown up to take a photograph and add it to Tapestry to show you reading and sharing your stories all about giants. I wonder how many stories about Giants you can find, read and share together?


Next, I would like you to find out all about Dinosaurs - how many Dinosaurs can you name, what did they look like? what did they eat? how big were they in size? which is your favourite dinosaur and why? Can you show Miss Nobbs what you have found out - you may choose to draw a picture of your favourite dinosaur, build it out of construction, you may choose to write all of the facts you have found out?


Finally, can you create your very own dinosaur, what would it look like? what would it be called? what would be it's most fascinating fact? You could draw or paint a picture of your very own dinosaur, you could build it using junk modelling, Lego or any other construction materials you have at home or may find in the garden!


Remember to ask your grown up to take photographs of all of your fantastic learning at home. Good Luck!

Useful Home Learning Websites
Previous Talk 4 Writing Story Maps

Hello Pixies!


I hope you are all well! Happy Half Term!


Miss Nobbs would like you to enjoy this next week with your family and see how many activities you can complete. Wishing you and your family a wonderful week together, stay safe and keep smiling x 

May Half Term Holiday Bingo

Little Red Riding Hood Text Map

The Elves and the Shoemaker Talk 4 Writing Story Map

Hello Pixies!


I hope you are all well! Over the next 2 weeks Miss Nobbs would like you to enjoy the Easter Holidays with your family and see how many of the Easter Activities you can complete. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter, keep smiling x 

Learning across the Curriculum - Autumn Term 2019 and Spring Term 2020

Pixies Spring Term Context Grid 2020

Pixies Nocturnal Animals Knowledge Organiser

Pixies Autumn Term 2019 Context Grid

Pixies Spells and Sorcery Knowledge Organiser


September 2019 - July 2020


Welcome to the Pixie Class Page! Miss Nobbs is the class teacher and is supported by Mrs Roberts, Mrs Hatton, Mrs Wadey, Miss Cook and Miss Mawson.


Mrs Hughes teaches on a Monday and on a Friday afternoon focusing on Maths - Shape, Space and Measure, RE, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts.


Mr Rosser teaches on a Thursday afternoon focusing on PE.


Reading Books:

Should be read three times a week. Books will be changed on Tuesdays and Fridays. Pixies should reread the same book to aid them in their reading fluency. Please ensure your child has their yellow diaries and home reading books in school everyday. Miss Nobbs would love to hear about all the others books you have been reading at home, so please write these in your yellow reading dairies too!


Phonic Writing:

Please ensure your child's coloured phonics folder is brought back in to school every day. New sounds will be added every few weeks.



PE kits should be in school daily, Pixies will normally take part in PE sessions on a Thursday afternoon.