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Science Home Learning

Science Home Learning

Whilst you are all at home, it would be good for you to continue your science learning. You class teachers have probably got some science tasks on your class pages, but if you would like to do more or you would like to use your scientist skills in a different way, have a look through these websites and projects to see if there is something that interests you. 


If you do have a go at a science task or project, remember to share your learning with your class teachers on Padlet or Tapestry. 

The BBC websites are full of information about pretty much every science topic that you get taught at school. You can follow the links to the websites to read about the different topics, learn some new information and then take part in games and quizzes. 

The STEM website has produced some lessons that you can follow at home - they contain videos, worksheets and optional Question & Answer sessions with experts. You could choose one that matches something you've learnt in school or you could follow your interests and choose something completely different!

The website also contains lots of easy to resource home activities based around science, technology, engineering and maths. Having a go at these activities would let you use lots of different skills in one go! 

The Primary Science Teaching Trust have made different tasks and activities that you can do at home, using things that you probably already have. Read through the information, follow the instructions and see what happens! 

The RSPB Wild Challenge is a set of family activities that you can take part in to get closer to nature, have fun and earn rewards! Ask your grown-ups to follow the link below and set up an account to get you started. Then, pick and choose the activities that you want to do in order to earn the different awards.