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There are a few different tasks that you can work on to practise your Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) skills at home. 


1. Spelling Practise

This week, we are learning some of the challenge words that we need to learn before the end of primary school. Practise our spellings using either the spelling menu or the website linked below. The website has different practise activities (in the section called 'Spelling Tiles') and then there are lots of different games you can play that involve our spelling words for the week.

2. Word Classes

Using our word class posters to support you, find examples of the different word classes in the 'One Chance' story. You could do this by printing off the story, making a key and highlighting/colouring the different words or you could display the story on the screen and make lists of the different words on some paper.

When you have finished finding examples of the different word classes, you could challenge yourself by writing your own sentences that include words from as many of the different word classes as possible!