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Hello Unicorns Class,


Wow, we are now starting our final term of the year. Some classes are returning to school and I will teaching some of the Wizards in our classroom. It will be very strange having different children and I will miss you all!


I will continue to update this page with activities and learning for you to complete. I have been so impressed with the all the hard work and creativity that many of you have shown, sharing some of your fantastic work on our Class Padlet Page. Please continue to do this, as I will be looking at this regularly and I really enjoy seeing what you are up to.


You might also want to take a looks at Mrs Montgomery's 'Whole School Home Learning' class page, she has some great ideas about PSHE, PE and Worship.


If you have any questions, please contact me via the school admin email. I look forward to seeing all of your brilliant learning on Padlet.


Mr Kelly

Updates 31/5/2020:


- Welcome message from Mr Kelly

- Additional challenges set on Mathletics

- New sessions set on TTR

- Daily WhiteRose maths lessons

- New SPAG Mat

- Half Term Leaderboards

- New Spellings, spelling post and helpful website




Websites for Home Learning:



Maths Home Learning:


Please click on the stars below to find the online WhiteRose maths lessons and matching worksheets (and answer sheets). If you are up to date with these lessons, you will be starting week 6, the lessons focus on multiplication and division. Good luck in your maths home learning.

Access to previous White Rose online lessons:

In addition to this, below are some multiplication / division and addition / subtraction teaching slides to help you with your fluency.

Mr Kelly will continue to set tasks on Mathletics and sessions on Times Tables Rockstars. Please also check out Numbots it's a fun way to practise your number bonds. 

I will update the Unicorns learderboards below every week!

Below are some teaching slides to help you with your maths challenges at home.
Please see below the 'Maths Facts' that children in Year 2 should be fluent in by the end of the year.
Picture 1



Phonics Home Learning:


Mr Kelly would like you to practise new sounds and words by saying them out loud and writing them down (in your spelling practise book) each week at home. Say the sounds as you read or write the word.


Remember that some sounds are 'two letters one sound' (for example ll, ss, zz, ch, ay, ai, ea) some are even 'three or four letters one sound' (for example igh, oor, ough). 


Please see below the sounds and words to practise at home:



Spellings and SPAG Home Learning:


Some children will have finished their phonics learning and will be moving onto learning spelling patterns and rules.


Please find below some spelling, punctuation and grammar activities to practise at home.

Helpful Websites:
Spellings Posters:
SPAG Mats:
Picture 1



Reading Home Learning:


Please see below some reading comprehensions based on castles our theme this term.



Science Home Learning:


This term we are building on our learning from last year and learning more about MATERIALS. Last year you learnt that everything around us is made from different materials. You learnt about the properties of materials (e.g. smooth, hard, flexible) and what things are made of (e.g. paper, plastic, metal, glass, fabric, wood). This year you will be learning about how some materials are used for more than one thing, for example, metal can be used for coins, cans, cars and table legs. Also different materials are used for the same thing, for example, spoons can be made from plastic, wood, metal, but not normally from glass.

Below are some resources that you can use to learn more about materials. Please remember that science learning involves lots of talking and questions, so with your grown up ask about what you think about the different objects in the activities and why they are made of that material.

Before you start the activities below, it would be useful to find some different objects around the house and talk about what materials they are made of. This will remind you of some of the learning from last year.

There are five activities in the Materials Year 2 home learning booklet. If possible, try one activity a week. Please don’t worry if you are not able to complete every activity. This science learning is to be spread out through the term. Please try to have fun with science learning and make it as practical as you can. The video clips, songs and games links below will help you.

Video Clips:
Interactive Games:
Materials Songs:

Science Challenge


As an extra challenge – try out one of these fairy tale science experiments to try at home. If possible, take a photo and post it our padlet.

Extra science learning resources for those who would like it:



Talk for Writing Home Learning:

The link below is a Talk for Writing booklet, designed for Year 2 children. It is based on the story 'The Myth of Pandora's Box'. The booklet contains different literacy tasks linked to reading, SPaG and writing for you to work your way through over the next few weeks.

If you have finished 'The Magical Box', Mr Kelly has donated to Great Ormond's Street Hospital so that you can have access to the next text. You may recognise this one!? It is based on the story 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'! I look forward reading your riddles and postcards that you create!
Please find below another Talk for Writing booklet that Mr Kelly has donated to Great Ormond's Street Hospital so you can use it. This one is all about 'Rainbows'. Rainbows have become very important to us over the past ten weeks and have been a sign of hope and support to all key workers. This booklet will help you learn more about rainbows and then write your own non-chronological report about something different!



Class information and routines:

Please see below for more information about what we have been learning this term and what you can do at home as well.


Reading Books: Should be read at least three times a week. Books will be changed twice a week. Unicorns should reread their phonics book to aid them in their reading fluency. Please ensure your child has their yellow diaries and home reading books in school everyday. Unicorns will also receive an Accelerated Reader (AR) book with a number on its spine. These books should also be read at home and a quiz should be completed at home using the link below (login details are inside reading diaries).


Spellings: Sent home on Fridays for our Super Spelling Test on the following Thursdays.


Mathletics: Tasks will be set regularly and Unicorns should aim to gain 1000 points every week, to earn a certificate in Assembly. You can access Mathletics by the link below (login details are inside reading diaries).


Times Tables Rockstars: Unicorns will continue to develop their times tables knowledge this year, focusing on our 2s, 5s and 10s and moving onto 3s, 4s and 6s by the end of the year. Please work with your child on this by using the link below (login details are inside reading diaries). 


PE: Unicorns will normally take part in PE sessions on a Friday afternoon. However, please ensure named PE kits are available in school all week, to allow for any changes to the normal timetable.

Down Under - Knowledge Organiser - Theme Week
Picture 1
The Snow Queen - Story Map
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Amazing Australia - Context Grid
Picture 1
Please see below Unicorns' Letter Spring 2020
Terra Nova - Theme Week - Knowledge Organiser
Picture 1
The Lady with the Lamp - Theme Week - Knowledge Organiser
Picture 1
Pioneering People - Context Grid
Picture 1
Unicorns received a mysterious letter from someone called George. After exploring the school they found a story map for 'George's Marvellous Medicine', which they have started to learn in class.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Please see below Unicorns' Welcome Letter Autumn 2019

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