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Our school vision.


Our school vision was written and created by our children, staff, parents and governors.  

'the smallest of all seeds... grow and become the largest of plants.'  The parable of the mustard seed.

Welcome to Watermoor Church of England Primary School


We offer a welcoming and caring environment where all children are valued and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.  At Watermoor School every child matters and we firmly believe in offering a high standard of education for all of our pupils.




Watermoor is a Church of England Primary School with voluntary controlled status.  It caters for children aged from three to eleven years.  Church Schools owe their origins to the Church, however under the terms of the 1944 Education Act the Church gave up control of the School to the Local Authority. The Local Authority is responsible for the upkeep, repairs and for the conduct of the school. Watermoor C of E Primary School is proud of its Christian ethos and promotes Christian values. We currently have 195 pupils on role, not including our pre school class, but expect to grow over the next few years due to our relocation and expansion.  At the moment we have 8 classes:


Fireflies - Pre School (EYFS 1)

Pixies - Reception (EYFS 2)

Wizards - Y1

Unicorns - Y2

Griffins - Y3

Dragons - Y4

Giants - Y5

Phoenix - Y6


A caring school with a family feel


There are 8 classrooms  in our new school (including our preschool).  Our hall is where we have our breakfast and lunch together, and where whole school collective worship takes place daily.  We also use the hall for PE.   There is a quiet courtyard area where  children may relax at playtimes and during the lunch break.  The larger surfaced play area is used for  outdoor games and livelier playtime activities.   The adjoining field is also used for sports and games lessons and as a  play area during the summer months.  The trim trail on the field is all-weather and used throughout the year.  We are proud of our ‘rainbow room’ – a relaxed space for nurture groups, family meetings and support.  We have a garden which is available for pupils to grow their own flowers, fruit and vegetables.

It is our intention that all members of the school community  receive their legal and moral entitlement to equality of opportunity  irrespective of their age, creed, gender and ethnic origin, physical or  intellectual status.




If you would like a paper copy of any of the information or policies on our website, please let us know and we will be happy to provide it for you.