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Transition Back to School September 2020

Home learning information:


Hello Wizards!


We are now nearing the end of the school year! Most Wizards have returned to school and I am teaching some of the Wizards in our classroom, while other Wizards are being taught by Mr Kelly in the Unicorns classroom. We are very pleased to see these Wizards, while we are also missing the Wizards who are continuing their learning from home!


For those of you continuing your home learning, I will continue to update this page with activities and learning for you to complete. I have been so impressed with the all the hard work and creativity that many of you have shown. Please continue to share your fantastic work on our class Padlet page, as I will be looking at this regularly and I really enjoy seeing what you are up to!


You may also want to take a look at Mrs Montgomery's 'Whole School Home Learning' page, which includes some great ideas for PSHE, PE and Worship home learning.


If you have any questions, you can contact me via the school admin email. I look forward to seeing all of your brilliant learning on Padlet!


Miss Gates



Links for home learning:

Phonics home learning


Please see the new sound and words I would like you to practise building and writing this week at home. If you would like to build each of the words, you can write each sound on a post-it note or piece of paper and say the sounds as you build the word. 

Remember to put the sounds which are 'two letters one sound' on one post-it note or piece of paper (for example ll, ss, zz, ch, ay, ai, ea). a_e is a little trickier as we call this a 'split spelling'. First, put these two letters on a post-it note with a space in between and then ask your grown up for a pair of scissors, as when you come to build the words which include a 'split spelling' (for example 'cake'), you will need to cut the a_e in half and put the sounds in the correct order to build the word. 

Talk For Writing home learning


If you have finished working on 'Sidney Spider', Miss Gates has donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital so that you can have access to the next home learning booklet linked below. Similarly, this Talk For Writing booklet contains different literacy tasks linked to reading, SPaG and writing for you to work your way through over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy the story of Sayeeda the Pirate Princess!




I have kept the Sidney Spider booklet and additional tasks below in case you are still working on it: 

After you have worked through this booklet, Miss Gates would like you to draw a story map for the Sidney the Spider story and I am going to have a go as well! In class we use a red pen/pencil for capital letters and punctuation in our text maps as this helps us to remember to include these in our sentence writing. You don't need to draw a picture for every word - as long as you have pictures for the key words, you will be able to retell the story by following your story map. Remember to say each sentence out loud before you draw it!


Here is mine so far: 

Once you have completed your story map, Miss Gates would like you to create some actions to match the story of 'Sidney the Spider'.  

Remember, we don't need to think of an action for every word - as long as you have actions for the key words, you will be able to retell the story!


I have also left the fact file resources up, in case you are still working on it: 

Maths home learning


The links below set out one 'lesson' you could work on each day. Please see the documents below for the lesson videos and the matching worksheets for you to complete. 

This week the lessons focus on fractions: 

Please see below for last week's maths videos and sheets if you are yet to complete them:

I will continue to set tasks on Mathletics and please also continue to practise your maths fluency on Numbots!


Below are the Year 1 maths facts for you to practise at home too. These are the maths facts that Year 1 children should know by the end of the year:

Science home learning


From Mrs Hughes: 


Hello Wizards!

This term we are learning about MATERIALS and how we can describe those materials. The word ‘material’ means what something is made out of. For example, a window is made from glass. We are learning about plastic, glass, metal, rock, fabric and wood.

Here are some resources below that you can use to learn about materials. Science learning involves lots of talking and questions, so try to talk to your grown up about the objects you find around the house and what material they are made of. Some objects may be made out of more than one material. Think about how you can describe each material. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Can you sort objects into different groups?

There are five activities in the Materials Year 1 home learning booklet. If possible, try one activity a week. The video clips below will help you to understand about materials!

Theme learning


Our new theme is 'Up, Up and Away!'. Within this topic we find out about aeroplanes! 


Miss Gates would like you to begin by creating your own aeroplane. What does an aeroplane look like? What features do you need to include? You could draw or paint a picture of your aeroplane, you could build it using junk modelling, Lego or any other construction materials you have at home or may find in the garden!


In History, this topic looks at the people who flew the first aeroplanes. Miss Gates would like you to find out a little bit about either the Wright Brothers or Amelia Earhart. What are they known for? How long ago did they live? Can you find out any extra facts about their lives or their work with aeroplanes? I will insert our class knowledge organiser below with some key facts on it for reference. 


In Geography, this topic focuses on the world's continents and oceans. There are some fun songs on YouTube (Hopscotch) to help you learn the names of the continents and oceans! 







Butterfly updates!
20/3 - The chrysalis are in their new home.
27/3 - 5 butterflies hatched today!
27/3 - 5 butterflies hatched today!
30/3 - All 30 caterpillars became butterflies!
30/3 - We released them onto our flower beds.

Class Information


Miss Gates is the class teacher and is supported by Mrs Meredith, Mrs Wielinga and Mrs McKenna in class.


Mrs Hughes teaches on a Tuesday.


Please see below for more information about what we have been learning this term and what you can do at home as well.


Reading Books: Should be read at least three times a week. Books will be changed on Tuesdays and Fridays. Wizards should re-read the same book to aid them in their reading fluency. Please ensure your child has their yellow dairies and home reading books in school everyday. Wizards will also receive an Accelerated Reader (AR) book with a number on its spine. These books should also be read at home and then do a quiz to see what you can remember. The link to AR is below.


Spellings: Spellings are sent home on Fridays for our Super Spelling Test the following Thursday.


Mathletics: Tasks will be set regularly and Wizards should aim to gain 1000 points every week, to earn a certificate in assembly.


Times Tables: We will be learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s this year. There are some times tables songs on Mathletics.


PE: PE kits should be in school daily and Wizards will normally take part in PE sessions on a Tuesday afternoon.