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Welcome to the Wizards

September 2021 - July 2022


* Miss Nobbs is the class teacher and is supported by Mrs Tanner.


* Mr Rosser teaches on a Monday and will be teaching Science and PSHCE. Mr Rosser will also be teaching the Wizards on a Tuesday afternoon and will be delivering RE and a Thursday afternoon and will be teaching PE. 


* Reading Books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays. Wizards will need to bring their book bags and reading books into school every day.


* Red Spelling books will need to be brought into school every Thursday. Spelling books will be marked and new spellings will be given out on Fridays.

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Talk 4 Writing


As part of our 1st week in Year 1 the Wizards have been learning to retell the poem 'Ten Things in a Wizard's Pocket' by Ian McMillan. 


Take a look at the text and text map and see if you can retell the poem using actions.


Ten Things Found in a Wizard’s Pocket 


A dark night.
Some words that nobody could ever spell.
A glass of water full to the top.
A large elephant.
A vest made from spider’s webs.
A handkerchief the size of a car park.
A bill from the wand shop.
A bucket full of stars and planets, to mix with the dark night.
A bag of magic mints you can suck for ever.
A snoring rabbit.